feliz navidad!

christmas, christmas, christmas. to be frank, christmas came and went this year, without any special happenings or unspecial drama-ings. i don’t know, i suppose the novelty wears off quite quickly. 

i do love the 25th though, it really is a day of family. and i managed to block out the distractions for a solid 12 hours! i was quite proud of that. 

FOOD! i ate my weight in deliciousness yesterday and our fridge is overflowing with left-overs (everyone knows everything tastes better the next day too). i allowed myself to indulge, and i felt too good. it was glorious. nothing beats christmas turkey and gammon, and special salads and the MOST YUMMY gingerbread ice cream-y pudding butterscoth-y magnificence that has ever graced my taste-buds ohmyword. 

 my favourite ‘present’ was my cooterboy notebook from my darling best friend and sister. she gave it to me, on one condition though; that i become a journalist in my later life. ha, i wish. the dream the dream! 

it feels so good to write today, bliss. 



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