flawed perfections.

today i feel like writing about amsterdam.

i went to amsterdam in june of this year to visit my sister, Catherine. she is there for her gap year au pairing three lovely little kiddies.

i had been to europe before, but i was very young (eleven) so i couldn’t appreciate europe for all it’s beauty and wonderfulness. this time around, it was the most beautiful three and a half weeks for a long time and i was happy throughout.

i find it difficult to describe amsterdam in terms of tourist attractions and appearance, so i will explain amster in terms of how i felt while roaming the streets. as soon as i arrived in amsterdam, i felt comfortable and unthreatened. everyone was doing there cool dutch thing and, to my surprise, i was perfectly adjusting to the rhythm of the european beat. it was magical!

dutch people are lovely. they are blunt and to-the-point, it is very refreshing, especially coming from a society of superficiality. if more people told each other what they truly were thinking, we would not have to exist in this awkward state of confusion all the time.

my favourite part of my visit to the wonderful amsterdam, was watching all the lovely dutch natives cycling with such ease through the busy streets of cars and trams.

to sum up amsterdam in one phrase is virtually impossible, but i like to describe it as the perfect example of organised chaos. it is a repaired shattered flower pot, held together with tape. the flaws are evident, but the pieces fit so perfectly together it is beauty.